Dew Sail

Design Brief:

Studies have shown that dew harvesting is a viable form of water collection. Since dew occurs all around the world, this could stand to combat lack of water in extreme situations.

Lack of water in survival situations is an age old problem all around the world which has claimed many lives. There is a large market relating to water based products in emergency situations. This can cover many different areas such as: Hiking/camping, professional/military, and humanitarian causes. Most of these solutions focus around improving existing water supplies, however there are no real solutions to tackle an almost complete lack of water.

Dew harvesting is a possible solution to this and although a dew harvesting solution may not fully hydrate someone in an emergency situation, it may keep them going long enough to find safety (similar to the solar still).

The purpose of this project will be to design a product that will harvest dew during the night for the purpose of drinking water. Most notably it will be for the purpose of desert survival and other environments with minimal water.

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Design Process