Aviator Drum Kit

The Aviator is a portable case for a small drum kit that can be used itself as the kick drum. Drawing inspiration from suitcase drum kits, the Aviator aims to reduce set-up time and simplify the gigging experience for drummers.

It’s no secret that drum kits are notoriously large, difficult to transport, and require a long time to set up. In the past musicians have tried to solve this by using homemade “suitcase kits”.

These suitcase kits use vintage suitcases to store all the components required for a small 2-piece drum kit; the suitcase itself is then used as the kick drum. While these are popular, they cannot be purchased and exist only as DIY solutions.

The purpose of the Aviator is to provide both a container and a kick drum to be used in combination with a wide variety of existing drum equipment. Providing a purchasable alternative to suitcase kits that allows for players to use their own gear in a simple and intuitive way.

Unfortunately a prototype of this product was never constructed due to the pandemic, however I would very much like develop this in the future.

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Full Kit Renders


In Context


Design Process


Brace Testing

Testing the effectiveness of various types of bass drum bracing legs.